Changing Land – Two Years On..

This time two years ago, I changed country and moved to England. It was a hard decision but I was thoroughly convinced it was the right step to take at that time. Roll on to the present day and I feel so thankful for that choice we made back then.

Living and staying on The Rock is sometimes the safest option. You can basically envisage your life for the next couple of years, you know everyone you meet on the outside and unless you venture outside its’ safe shores, life can become a bit of a stale-mate. For that reason travelling has increased – people get to experience ‘foreign’ life for a couple of days and note the differences that still exist between two countries. Young people are going to University – I think not only for the educational side to it, but also to experience living on their own for a couple of years. And once graduated lots of people are leaving shore and going to live abroad – opportunities abroad are much more in abundance than here on The Rock.

Living on your own opens your mind, allows you meet new people and you can find yourself in situations you’d never imagine being in had you stayed in Malta. University did that to me. I was young, but at 18 I found myself having to act all grown-up and responsible, and that definitely helped me be the person I am today.

Moving to England only helped further develop that independent person I try to be.

I’ve come to love England. I spent two years visiting it every four weeks and spent another two years living there. Whatever happens in the future,  I will keep these years closest to my heart. Not only did I grow as a human being, but I have the most wonderful memories of the place. The chaos that was involved when moving there for good, married life, finding out we were pregnant, pregnancy, the kind people, smiling faces, the proximity to London which allows me to visit the wonderful city whenever I want, the shops, the  ability to be a stranger amongst a sea of people and the abundance in choice in everything you can think of. You can go out in your pyjamas and no one will blink an eye, you can make your own mistakes and no one will interfere, and your life is truly your own. We are lucky to enjoy beautiful country walks, parks for C, the seaside being only a couple of minutes away. You interact with foreign people and you come to learn that there are different ways of thinking, of doing things, and you dare yourself to change habits because you know you can do it. And it ends up being not as scary as you had initially thought it would be.

So if you have a chance of experiencing life outside The Rock, then go for it! Don’t be afraid, don’t postpone things and don’t over-analyze. Things have a way of just working just perfectly, so don’t give up on a dream. Life is too short for that.

I discovered new wedding traditions…

I fell in love with Pims…

We discovered new places…

We started making new traditions of our own…

The most beautiful thing happened to me…

And I met and fell in love with this funny little being x


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