Abandon Ship

The heat wears you out. It tires you and makes you feel like a dry and cracked up piece of abandoned cloth. It makes the daily tasks seem impossible and procrastination excels as an A-student at the moment.

One month into our holiday I’ve just ‘remembered’ we have our camera here and am trying (because even picture-taking requires a mammoth effort at the moment) to capture some of our summer moments. I’ve missed out on some moments but will have to make an extra effort for the remaining days we have left here on The Rock. 

I’ve temporarily abandoned Twitter, Pinterest and most sadly, Instagram. I haven’t put up a new, original picture here on my blog in weeks. I’ve stopped my Take-Me-Back Tuesdays and Highlight posts. Everything seems on hold.

So forgive me for abandoning ship. I promise it’s only temporary.

The higher it goes, the lower my energy level goes…


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