It’s The Bed, You See…

1 year 1 month and 16 day-old Cesca is growing up at a super-speed rate. It seems that ever since she hit the one-year mark, she’s trying out new things everyday, be it a new sound, a new move, new giggles and new ways of attracting attention. She still does not crawl and I’m convinced she will skip that stage and walk straightaway. It doesn’t bother me that much anymore (I did go through the worrying phase), and I sometimes think to myself that I  may just be lucky to have avoided the crawling stage together with all the problems that brings about. Comparing her current pictures with those taken last summer, I can’t even recognize my little baby! These past couple of weeks her hair has grown like crazy and I still have to distract her to get a hair-clip on her head and let it stay there. It’s sad that from a luggage-full of clothes I got her this summer, we will only be taking back with us to England a couple of tops. I’m guessing there will be some serious eBay activity going on this fall.

52 weeks ago

She is getting spoilt by everyone in every way possible. If she coughs, she’s about to get a cold so she needs some cuddles. If she  barely whimpers, she’s about to cry and we wouldn’t want that, would we? So she’s picked up and hugged. If she so much as looks at you eating, she’s hungry so she gets a share of the food. If she screams it’s because she’s not being understood and needs more attention. She loves swimming so she needed a baby pool. She loves butterflies, so she had to have a butterfly wind-fan. Of course all grand-parents, uncles, aunts and family insist they’re not spoiling her, just ‘enjoying her company’. In all honesty, part of me is really afraid of how well she will readjust to her old routine come next month, when she’ll only have me, the TV and her old toys for entertainment.

And then we have the sleeping issue. After successfully cutting out the night bottle (I appreciated all the help and suggestions I got when writing about it here), there remained the waking-up-during-the-night-for-the-dummy matter. She would do this 2-3 times a night and although it would normally mean she’d wake up, whimper a bit for her dummy and fall back asleep when she had it, sometimes she’d wake up crying for it and it would take a couple of minutes to calm her down. Precious minutes which would mean she’d fall back asleep and I’d stay away for a good half an hour or so.

Then one night we slept in Malta and decided to put her in a separate bed in a separate room for us. The bed was basically barricaded with cushions, chairs and pillows so not even a fitful sleeper like C could fall off the bed (not even if she tried), and I woke up in the morning a bit dazed and confused as to whether it was possible that she had slept all throughout the night, not waking up once for her dummy. With A back in Gozo, she had to return back to her cot, and the waking up began again. Now these past couple of days when A was away, I sinned and let her co-sleep with me. And she never woke up once.

So I’ve concluded that it’s all in the bed. I’ve always had my suspicions because she moves around when she sleep. She falls asleep in the noon position and wakes up in the quarter to three one. She kicks both legs in the air (whilst asleep), she throws her arms about and she makes soft noises. The cot has become too small and restricted for her. It’s time we moved our little C into her own bed.

When we return back to England, we’ll be trying the upstairs bedroom. I’m sure I won’t be able to close an eye for the first couple of nights, but I’m thinking C will.


2 thoughts on “It’s The Bed, You See…

  1. I had the same problem with Maia. She still falls off the bed occasionally! I have to check on her a couple of times at night and straighten her up. About the dummy, have you tried ignoring her till she goes back to sleep? It’s painful at first but she’ll quickly get the idea.

    • I was playing around with the idea of getting her used to sleeping without her dummy but the thing is when she sleeps in our bed, she never once wakes up for it! I’m thinking she wakes up in her cot due to its’ size and then looks for the dummy to fall back asleep.

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