To Ponder…


A couple of hours back on The Rock from our romantic ‘do’ (more about that next week), and I’m patiently awaiting the arrival of Cesca. I can’t wait to hear her squealing and laughter – to say that I’ve missed her these past couple of days is an understatement.


In the meantime things have been happening this past week. Happening real quick and fast. Plans we had decided upon months ago have now to be reviewed again. Opportunities have arisen and new choices have to be taken. It’s an excited yet scary time. As always, I’m praying we make the correct decision.


It’s funny and slightly ironic how you can spend hours, days and weeks thinking something over only to have a new idea and opportunity sweep aside all such thoughts in a minute.

Fingers crossed all works out well x





One thought on “To Ponder…

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