Normal Grounds…

Forty-seven days later we’re back home. On cooler land, non-sticky weather and beautiful breezes.

How was our holiday? A bit too long (when A was not there), but overall great fun.

  • Cesca grew up so much these past seven weeks. The little girl who did not crawl and move about still does not crawl, but she walks (sometimes runs) just by holding my one finger. She’s become more assertive and is not afraid of letting her voice being heard. She’s a charmer and an entertainer. Her hair is growing all over the place, so much so that we had to give her her first hair-cut and styled it into a mini-bob. I can’t wait for it to be a bit longer – I’m already practicing pony-tails πŸ™‚
  • The grand-parents bonded really well with C. She still does not miss me or cry for me or A, so we did not hesitate leaving her with our parents whenever they offered. Fortunately she has an easy-going character and no one minded the babysitting duties. By the second week we were there her face would light up whenever she saw them, and would sometimes cry for them rather than for me!
  • I stuck to my plan of enjoying summer and the sea. I’m not a swimming-lover but I do love getting baked in the sun. I know, I know, it’s not healthy. So I put on loads of sun-cream and spent as much time as the awful heat would let me, giving my limbs some colour, and I managed! For the first time since 2009, I have a proper, Mediterranean-style, slightly browish, tan. And I also know that by this weekend, I’ll be as white as a sheet again.
  • C loved, loved, loved swimming! She would stay in the water for hours if we let her. She never made a noise or pulled a face if the temperature was slightly low. She splashed, laughed and paddled away. That’s something she’s taken after A πŸ™‚
  • Hubby and myself snuck in four days in Sicily which were absolutely perfect! We didn’t take C with us mainly because we really needed some time together as a couple and not as parents. Plus, it would have been torture taking her with us since the heat was as strong if not stronger than Malta. That way we enjoyed a wine-tasting session at a local winery, we walked down narrow rubble-tiled streets, drove for hours covering nearly half of Sicily, we had the most romantic dinner I can think of in the ten years we’ve been together, we snuck in the drinking of bottles of wine in village squares whenever we felt like it, we showered and were ready to leave in half an hour and I did not need to worry about feeds and milk because I was reassured C was in great hands. We’re already planning next summer’s trip!
  • We ate, ate, drank and drank. So much so that we’re definitely going to start detoxing and dieting. How much that will be a success we’ll just have to wait and see.
  • I managed to meet all of my dear friends, either for coffee, a chat or dinner (bar R with whom I’ve a date coming up this autumn!) We shared news, we laughed like old times and I even managed to meet their new babies! C met and interacted with babies her own age, lots of pictures were taken, and some baby tears were even shed!
  • We made some important decisions, although like I told you last time, right now everything is back up in the air. So now we’re thinking and evaluating and hopefully, we’ll soon be able to make a final decision.

And now we’re in a cool England, something I was wishing for these past couple of days. The clothes are back in their place, the washing machine hasn’t stopped all morning and I’m slowly setting up our home again. It feels good to be back. I feel better in this cooler weather. C’s hair is no longer flicked outwards and her heat rash has miraculously disappeared. I won’t be missing the Maltese heat any time soon. But I have some lovely memories which make up for all that!

Little Miss C couldn’t wait to share her new bob. And by the looks of it, she loved it πŸ˜‰

At her happiest!

Introducing herself to her friend Jean x

They eventually managed to let go of each other for a quick picture!

Even the simple coffee and croissant taste better in Sicily

Gole Alcantara, so beautiful.

Our hotel-room view, Ibla

Happy me πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Normal Grounds…

  1. Lovely post Jos!! it sums up what seems like a perfect holiday – especially the Sicily part πŸ™‚ i cannot wait for our turn to be sans bebe`!

    • I think it’s really important finding some time to spend with your other half, without the children. Being the parent is the everyday routine – it’s exciting and nice planning some couple time, doing the things babies don’t allow you to!

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