The Weekend We’re Finally Home!

This weekend was our first ‘normal’ weekend in a long while. The type of weekend where Saturday and Sunday are our family-days, we get to enjoy each other’s company, run family errands and do nothing that important but everything’s  that bit more special. We’re still settling in slowly so groceries needed to be done and things needed to be put in their place. I visited The Dentist for the first time in two years, and needless to say I have a couple of things which need doing. I’m pleased to report that according to my special dentist, my teeth weren’t as bad as he expected. Phew!

And talking of sweet things, papa’ gave cheeky monkey here a chocolate rice cake. The result? One big brown mess…

C tried out her walking skills in the park. She’s getting pretty good at it…and fast!

I truly love Canterbury. The city, the scenes and the people are all beautiful!

We were lucky to get some clear skies after the bit of rain we had…

Happy bunny in her pj’s!


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