Up and down, in and out!

I meant to write this short post a couple of days ago, but other things took precedence and I’ve just remembered about it now. I’m thinking about it and smiling. Of course I wasn’t smiling as much then.

After a dozen or so flights with Little Miss Traveller, it was bound to happen. The gods were too kind to us flight-wise and we were expecting it at any moment. On the last flight heading home, we were lucky enough to have an empty seat next to us. “Great”, we thought. C will do the usual thing, drink, fidget around a bit and sleep for the whole flight. But on that day she did not want to sleep. She was jumping off us, onto her seat, twisting, turning, screaming a bit, dropping things on the floor. We were dead tired yet her energy seemed to have no limits. Until fifteen minutes from the end of the flight, when I’m thinking she could not stay awake any longer and zonked out just in time for landing.

The Husband and myself were a bit peeved off by this. She is at her crankiest when she’s tired yet does not stay still enough to fall asleep. She becomes unreasonable, loud and irritating. Yep, a total nightmare.

So upon arrival, just as we were thinking how we would face the rows behind and in front of us (I’m betting they were very thankful for the plane’s arrival by that point), a young boy sitting two rows behind us stood up, sneezed and vomited on the guy siting behind us. Yes, vomited! He kept telling his shocked mother, “But it just came out of nowhere!” The man whose top was, erm, ‘wet’ and soiled by the episode was left asking people for wet wipes and tissues.

The Husband and myself looked at each other, closed our shocked mouths, turned ourselves round and tried not to laugh.

I’m thinking the poor soul sitting behind us will not easily forget that flight!

Yes, I know. We’ve probably jinxed all future flights 🙂


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