The Sunny Weekend!

The weekend was a sunny one. The weather was hot – around 30 degrees during the day, and there was no humidity in the air – that’s a double blessing! We made the most of the sun and stayed outside for as much as we could!

This was truly one of these weekends I wish I could live in forever! Just perfect x

This is the kind of weather we had. Not too shabby for September in England!

We goofed around in the park (yes, she’s wearing a summer dress lol!)…

…took a walk…

…repeated ‘sch’ ‘sch’ for a hundred times…

…and ate, of course.

We cracked the crab!

We dressed up for a special occasion. C will be welcoming her new friend next March 🙂

The Husband cooked us delicious quails with apples, apricots, figs, parma ham, port…Yes, they were divine!

And my favourite picture this week. It did come out a bit lopsided though 🙂 (Aptly taken on the 8th of September!)


P.S. No, no, no. I am not expecting!


7 thoughts on “The Sunny Weekend!

  1. Lol 🙂 I thought of you Clare cos her due date is close to yours.

    I have to admit that as foolish as I may have looked, and as much as A was telling to ‘come on’, I did try to listen in lol. But I didn’t catch the talking 🙂

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