The One With The Donkey…And The Things We Do For Love…

I am not a massive animal lover. I tolerate them but I won’t keep a pet. Not now, not ever (Sorry C). I fear they’ll bite me, they smell awful and I can not bring myself to pet anything – except a small, furry kitten. That much I will tolerate doing.
As for donkeys, blah no way!
Yet yesterday afternoon, on an outing to Chilham I ended up buying a bag of carrots and feeding one to a donkey (I could feed only one, the rest of the task was handed over to my friend), all for the sake of C who seems to be taken with animals. Donkeys more than the rest it seems :S
I could not wash my hands anymore times and antibacterial spray was sprayed on for minutes, and I think the awful smell has finally gone away.
Having said all that, C was smitten with the donkeys, ostriches and chickens. Which, sadly for me, means we will soon have to go again.


Saying hello…


Don’t mistake my smile for fun!


The Moment. That donkey had the ugliest pair of huge black teeth I’ve ever seen and he swallowed the carrot at one go!



The Miniature Houses


See, I have no problem with ceramic animals!


After opening her sippy-cup and spilling the water all over her, it was time to run after the chickens…poor chickens.


Choosing, choosing…


…and the choice was made!


One for The Husband 🙂


All in all, it was a fun afternoon.
(Minus the donkey with the ugly teeth)

Just for the record, I don’t hate animals. I just don’t like them near me.


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