The Return from the Blogging Breakdown

Just over a couple of weeks after I couldn’t take writing down another word, I’m back here. The straw which broke (my) camel’s back was ruining a great batch of cupcakes by forgetting the butter. there and then, I knew I needed a break. Now I feel clearer-headed and ‘fresh’ if you get what I mean. I’ve promised myself some changes and I aim to keep up with them. I will only blog when I want to. I will blog about things I want to. And I will not allow myself to feel pressurized in any way.

Of course as was bound to happen, the minute I paused my writing, things happened which I wanted to blog about. I’ve probably forgotten half of them, but is is what happened AND remember:

– I finally am going to see my favourite redhead live in concert – yes, Florence and the Machine!!Β After the disappointment of a couple of weeks ago, when I spent hours online to buy her tickets to perform at The Royal Albert Hall, only to then get the ‘Sold Out’ sign, I was pretty skeptical about finding tickets. But thanks to an extra date added at the last minute, I found seats to her o2 show! I can’t wait! I get to tag my semi-reluctant husband with me. He has heard Lungs and Ceremonials ad nauseum, so he might find himself humming along…

– After living here for over two years and visiting Westfield so many times, I finally saw my first real celebrity! How exciting (and lame) is that? It was none other than Elle McPherson – The Body. She was shopping with her son for shoes at the Russell & Bromley children shop. Β Even without make-up, messy hair up in a pony-tail and everyday clothes, she was totally striking. If you’re half as curious as I was as to what she was wearing, I’ll tell you (since I studied her for many long minutes, much to A’s embarrassment) – white long shirt, black leggings, beige flats and a huge beige Salvatore Ferragamo bag. If only I would look half as good as she did at her age! Β I managed to take a discreet photo of her whilst pretending to take a photo of C. (That explains my daughter’s cut head πŸ™‚

That blonde in the distance paying at the till? Yep, that’s her πŸ™‚ And the young head at the bottom is my daughter. Yep, I sacrificed her head for Elle McPherson.

– I tried cooking goulash, and it went down a treat! I’ve al ways hesitated since lentils aren’t A’s favourite. But adding them to a wide variety of vegetables, and we all loved the hearty dish. Including C, who had two helpings! And lots of gas later on in the evening, poor child lol πŸ™‚

– C is very close to taking her first ‘independent’ steps. In these few weeks since we returned from Malta, she’s started crawling, she’s mastered the art of furniture-climbing and is suddenly very dangerous. Nothing is safe anymore. And of course, things which are off-limits are the things which she wants the most. Umbrellas, pens, crayons and hot coffee being her current favorites. She’s grown up so much, yes I know I keep saying it, but she’s suddenly so ‘big’! I see her every minute of every day and yet I’m amazed by how much she changes, from one day to the next!

Cesca doing Bruges – September 30, 2012

– She has also started showing signs of separation anxiety. I knew it was going to happen, and these past couple of days, it has manifested it’s ugly head. Whilst we still can leave her with friends, she now sometimes cries when we leave. As a consequence, she has temporarily abandoned her toys, and prefers to stay standing up, next to me, walking round the table. If I dare exit the room (to pee, make a cup of coffee or get a bite to eat), she will cry like a tortured being. She screams and cries, snot and tears cover her face. I then take my seat next to her, and she’s back to being quiet. I swear, I feel like a prisoner at times, held hostage by my umbrella-holding daughter.

– Last weekend we escaped for a quick visit to Bruges. We fell in love with the city last time we were there, and could not wait to go back again. So when our friends suggested a trip together, we could not say no. It did not disappoint, the weather was perfect, the city was as charmful and romantic as ever, and once again, our pantry is full of CHOCOLATES!!

Chocolates upon chocolates of beautiful chocolates!

– I’m afraid to say C seems to be slightly taken with the Teletubbies! My own personal nightmare!!


Five rides later and she was still happy to sit still next to the Green Lump.


Sadly enough, the school-bus did not please her half as much as the Green Lump did :S



– We’ve watched some films. Some we loved, some we tolerated (Man on a Ledge) and others the husband liked while I worked on my Bucilla on the sofa (Act of Valour). He could not understand why I wasn’t interested in the American Navy Seals story :S

On the subject of films, we’re also trying to veer away from the Discovery channels, which was all we were seeing every night of every week. After the September 11th Discovery-channel marathon, we knew we needed a break. We now have become hooked on Keith Lemon (I love love love him), we’ve started watching Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management (good, but it’s not Two and a Half Men back in the good days), and we stumbled upon Derren Brown’s Svengali. One word – amazing! I’m fascinated by such kind of shows. I don’t know whether to believe them or not, but they are really good television. His acts are original and gripping and for the first time in weeks, The Husband did not sleep on the sofa by 9pm.

So thank you for returning to read my words and keeping me company. Thank you for your kind messages and emails. It feels good to be back and active!

Have a great week πŸ˜‰


8 thoughts on “The Return from the Blogging Breakdown

  1. Welcome back πŸ™‚

    Derren Brown’s shows are all true. He’s a master at NLP (neuro-linguistic psychology); no magic involved hehe.

    My mother went to watch Svengali live at Milton Keynes and she said that it was amazing!!

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