Just a while back you may remember me being infuriated. I was so angry by certain happenings that even I was shocked by my thoughts and wishes. Things had to be taken to the next level, they were and today I received the news that by the end of this month, all will finally be resolved.

I don’t know how certain people can look themselves in the mirror. I don’t know how certain people are able to fall asleep at night. I don’t know how certain people are able to show themselves in public. And I don’t understand why certain people are allowed to become parents, when they’re full of nothing but hatred and cruel.

Life teaches you invaluable lessons. Never assume everyone shares your values. Never assume everyone has a humane streak in them. Never assume everyone is as generous, respectful and understanding as you are.

Because the minute you do, you will get bitten. We got bitten. Certain words which were uttered can never be forgotten or forgiven. But the news I got today has finally got me believing that Karma is soon going to bite one particular person in her big behind.

And I hope she’s left with an ugly scar to show for all the wrongs and hurt she’s caused others, and to serve as a deterrent to other fools who may be thinking of getting involved with such pathetic excuses for human beings.

Today I’m not bitter. I’m grateful and thankful. My faith in justice has gone up a notch.

I love this depiction of karma. So true and so appropriate!
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