Meet Herman

This is Herman. We will take care of him for the next ten days. We shall feed him, give him water, stir him, cook him and eventually eat him.


For Herman is a sourdough cake.

Our friend gave us Herman on his second day. I’ve just stirred him pretty well and have laid him to rest for now.

He has a busy day tomorrow – he has some eating to do!

Herman is a fun way to bake. Consider him a pet you only have to take care of for ten days. Then you get to eat him.

Here’s the instruction list:


Go on, give it a try! Especially if you have young children – I bet they would love doing this project! Tell me how it came out and share some pictures!

You might have to figure out how to start him from anew, but if you follow a basic sourdough recipe, you should be fine.

Now whether our Herman will be alive in a week’s time is another matter…


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