Take-Me-Back Tuesdays!

I first heard this song when I first watched Reality Bites back in the early 90s, and my crush on Ethan Hawke started. It’s a beautiful, simple song, no frills, just a nerdy-looking girl (with great specs for anyone at that time!) singing in a plain video.

This song brings back memories of teenage years, having first crushes and buying Shout magazines before going to school, just so we could cut out Take That pictures.

Oh happy days πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Take-Me-Back Tuesdays!

    • Lol I think all teenage girls did at the time…and I might have even kissed a poster of his πŸ™‚ I still think he’s good looking today, in a rugged and rough kind of way!

  1. haha! i had a nostalgic afternoon a few days back and this was one of the songs i looked up and played! i so wanted to be winona ryder in that movie! lol – your post took me back to those happy days of going to ta’ l-isfar before school checking out the magazines!

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