Our Brrr-Weekend!

This weekend we left Canterbury and headed up north to visit friends. It was much much colder there – we were in coats, scarves and full winter gear in nearly zero-degree weather! We enjoyed ourselves and had a great time meeting up with fellow Maltesers, but nothing beats that feeling of going back home and enjoying normality. I was fascinated by Felix Baumgartner who managed the amazing feat of beating the sound barrier. I’m sure lots of you were mesmerized by it all as I was. It’s unbelievable what man is capable of. Those four minutes and nineteen seconds of free-falling were the craziest thing I have ever seen and the things which could have gone wrong were hundreds. But he did it, he beat records so good for him!

Crazy. Fascinating. Amazing!

This week we visit The Rock. We haven’t been there in what seems like ages. We have a wedding we’re looking forward to, Cesca and myself have a very important visit to the hairdressers I’m counting the seconds to (if you see my disastrous state my hair is in, you’ll understand) and I am eager for the grandparents to babysit C for a couple of hours. This is the only time I can do ‘me-things’, without worrying about a bored baby, nappy changes and meal-times. Luckily enough, C has grand-parents who are only too happy to take care of her.  Poor things don’t know yet how much more tiring she is now than she was in summer…

Visiting Malta always brings with it the slight headache of what to pack and what to bring with us. My mother still has the fans on while we are in jackets and boots. Summer-wear was left in Malta so apart from some cardigans and trousers, we won’t be getting much.

Then again I always say that and I always end up with an over-packed and over-weight luggage, full of things I won’t’ wear.

I never learn!


3 thoughts on “Our Brrr-Weekend!

  1. Yes its still warm here and I’m still using my fan too! I have managed to pack away most of my summer clothes except for the odd skirt and tank top but I haven’t been able to wear shoes yet other than sandals (my feet aren’t ready for change ie: blisters in 5 minutes of wearing closed shoes last weekend, ouch). I’m so ready for the warm weather to go and I’m really looking forward to boots and heavier jeans other than my jeggings lol

    • That really throws me off cos I’ve forgotten all about summer clothes! Have to remember what I’ve left in Malta! I’m currently wearing a polo-neck, jeans, boots and a jacket (just got in lol) 🙂

      • Usually I’ve been okay with say jeans, sandals and a light top even though the days are still warm its not full on summer anymore thank god. Nights can be a bit chilly if you’re out so bringing a cardigan or something to wrap up in is a good plan. I hate the inbetween seasons like this 😉 Good luck with packing!

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