Our ‘Crazy’ Weekend

This one just rolled on by. And by the feel of it, it seems we rolled on with it, being crushed by the weight of it all because I am exhausted, my feet are aching and I needed two coffees this morning just to open my eyes and face the day.

I had lots of R&R time going on. I am that bit more presentable now – my hair had over three months worth of roots and it was not a pretty sight. My face needed a professional clean-up, scrubbing-up and overall polish, and thankfully I got that as well. C has her fringe cut as well, and we’re trying to grow her mass of locks into a bob. She has just under 50 days to achieve that, and maybe walking.

But this weekend seemed all about meeting friends – some of whom I haven’t seen for weeks, others for years, and then there was a fellow Maltese blogger/Twitter writer who I FINALLY met up with! It was a pleasure meeting up with you V πŸ˜‰

Remember the dilemma I told you we’re currently facing? Although I haven’t elaborated about it yet, it seems the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle was set in place this weekend, and I can’t wait to write about it!

We celebrated nannu’s birthday this weekend, we celebrated a friend’s wedding and we met up with old friends for dinner (which somehow extended to 1am and ended up with us all getting drunk on Averna!) – so suffice it to say I’ve had my fair share of wine, food and standing up in heels.

(Especially after last week’s post, though I made one super effort!)

We’re now back to foggy weather, lower temperatures and rain. Malta was hot and humid, quite terrible actually considering I packed everything wrong it seems (especially where C was concerned). So I’m very happy and relieved to be back here.

Have a good week x


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