Take-Me-Back Tuesdays!

Driving home yesterday afternoon, we were listening in to a radio programme discussing mindworms. At first I was thinking we’d stumbled upon a discussion about creepy-crawlies or a disease. However the meaning is, quite innocently, a song that is stuck in your mind and which you can’t stop singing.

This has been my mindworm for the past two days.

At the time Stephen Dorff was on my hunk/lust list, only coming second to Ethan Hawke. And Alicia Silverstone was so cool, I was jealous. Looking at her attire in the video it brought a smile to my face because we all had that type of dress in the mid-90s – the flowery, loose knee-length (or shorter) summer dress which we used to wear over a pair of boots. And in the jumping scene, I remembered wearing baggy jeans, boots from the inside and the checked tartan-style shirt. Only I was no way as cool as Alicia looked and still does!

The song was released this time 19 years old! The video is awesome in my opinion – but then I say that about each and every Aerosmith song. Just take a look at Amazing and Janie’s Got a Gun.

Another thing – if you’re a Lost fan, look out for a much-younger Josh Holloway!

Enjoy the flashbacks 😉


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