Last night we finally got through to watch W.E. We’ve had it here for the past couple of days, we were meant to watch it at the weekend, but only found time yesterday. We are that busy…

I don’t know about you, but I love period works. I love the romanticism of the time, the costumes, their ways of doing things, the values. I’ve read most if not all of Philippa Gregory’s works, I’ve started watching The Paradise (and love it of course) and I’m starting on Downton Abbey next (about time, I know).

W.E. stands for Wally and Edward – it deals with the love-story which started between Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII a.k.a. David resulting in him abdicating the throne for her love. The film is written and produced by Madonna – that made me think twice about getting this film. I love Madonna as a singer and a performer, but I was a bit skeptical about her writing and directing skills. But I loved the way the film tells the tale of two Wally’s – the Wallis Simpson we have all heard about and another Wallis, who’s living in the late-90s and becomes obsessed with the former Wallis. The story becomes intertwined and although it’s not perfect, it is an enjoyable film. The costumes of the 1930s Wally are to-die-for (especially the ivory/silver dress she dances in at one point in the film), a Russian security man who becomes involved with the ‘modern’ Wally is very easy on the eyes, and the decadence portrayed in the film is quite envious (having parties everyday from the morning till evening – what’s not to like?) ย The film is set in London, Paris and New York, so you get to see some beautiful scenes of the cities.

As soon as the film ended, I found Wallis Simpson’s biography which I bought and can’t wait to start on it. I want to read on the love-affair from her point of view. She’s often branded The Other Woman, the one who came between a King and his throne, but little is said about what she gave up for him and how hard it was for her at times, dealing with his guilt and confusion.

The film does have its’ flaws. But if you like period pieces, give it a try! Here’s the trailer:


2 thoughts on “W.E.

  1. I’ll definitely have to watch this now. I’ve seen links for it a few times and even though I enjoy period films and tv series I wasn’t sure about this one. Probably also due to the Madonna factor :/ I’ll give it a go this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

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