That Time of Year…

As I’ve probably said a gazillion times before today, there are lots of things I miss about The Rock. I miss everything that’s familiar, everything that I lived with and around for twenty-plus years. There’s a comforting sense of surrounding yourself with what you know, even if does bug you at times.

But one thing I love about being away from The Rock at this time, is getting to see and experience the whole pre-Christmas explosion going on here. Everything is all about Christmas here. The TV ads, the shop displays, the Christmas decorations section – all is about things glittery, cheesy strands of colourful tinsel, everything green, red and gold, sparkling Santas, fake white snow everywhere, Christmas cards are all out and ready to be taken off the shelf, Christmas CDs  have already been unearthed from their storage and everyone is seen out shopping with a list of gifts. Some shops offer you mini-mince pies and small glasses of mulled wine while others are already advertising their ‘Tea with Santa’ afternoons.

It’s a beautiful and exciting time of the year. I love throwing myself into it and feeling like a child again.

First Christmas x


6 thoughts on “That Time of Year…

  1. I’m on the hunt for Christmas movies now and the super cheesie ones too Hallmark haha. I bought my Christmas cards from Photobox this year, received them last week but I have to force myself to send them. I’m horrible for that part ;o)

    • I haven’t bothered sending out Christmas cards for years now. I would do the same thing – buy them and leave them unsent. Now I just message or email my Chistmas greetings. It only takes a minute 🙂

      • I thought of that too but then I have some that dont have fb or email and because I love getting mail I try to send some (only to immediate family). I still have all my cards from last year (unsent) so I may just be cheeky and send them this year and send the ones I had made to the family & friends that I’m more in touch with. Sounds mean but the family that doesn’t ever contact me, well they will get last years LOL

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