‘Tis The Season To Be…Busy!

The build-up period to Christmas is an exciting time. Everyone seems that bit more cheerful (I blame the booze), place are all lit up with decorations and my animalistic instinct to shop  and buy everything I see can be justified.

Our December is all planned and is quite busy! Busy is good, extremely so when you have help surrounding you as we do on The Rock.

We have a family wedding, one I’m really looking forward to. Not just because I found the dress of my dreams (after my wedding dress that is), but also because Little Miss Not-Walking-Yet will be a flower-girl! A part of me is dreading the mass part for two reasons – one, she is not a quiet mouse, and two, she becomes louder when the place echoes. As old churches do. All I want is a picture of us all, all dressed nicely. She can then crawl, rip her tights, destroy her dress, ruin her hair – anything really. I just want a decent photo.

I just hope we manage to get a smile out of her at the wedding, unlike in this picture, where the poor snowman was in serious risk of being overthrown in the Thames…

Another event which just came about in the past couple of days is a University reunion an ex-coursemate is organizing. It’s been eight years since we graduated and apart from the odd face here and there, I haven’t seen the majority of my class since then. At least we have Facebook which does help keep in touch and see who’s doing what, who got married to whom and who became a parent. Of course it will be a bittersweet event for us all, because the most timid of us all, the one who barely spoke to anyone else and was so shy she was always looking down at the floor, is with us no longer. I pray everyday that her animal of an ex will get what he deserves.

And to top it all of, we are heading for a full family holiday for the New Year’s! I can’t wait for this, especially because the last time we did this, I was eleven weeks pregnant, constantly tired and snoozing off on cafe’ chairs (how sad) and totally off alcohol. So this time round I can cheer the New Year with a lovely glass of white as opposed to the Chinotto I indulged in two years ago.


Pale and pallid me at 11 weeks of pregnancy…

I am then meeting up with single friends for drinks and friends with babies for chats and super-soppy baby stuff. I am getting my hair sorted if I have the guts for it (snip, snip…) and some other important issues are on the cards as well. A and myself have a couple of days apart (work duties bleh), but it’s not a long absence this time round.

What is your December looking like? Any holidays, parties or weddings to go to? Whatever it is you’re doing, I hope you have a truly wonderful time!


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