One Giant Leap!


A lot can happen in sixty minutes.

Only yesterday morning I commented on my friend’s post about how C was still not managing to walk alone and insisted on holding on to my finger. She turns 17 months and she’s quite a big girl compared to other children her age, so I was urging her on every minute of every day.  But if there’s one thing I know about my daughter is that she does things only when she is truly ready.

Fortunately for me, I had stopped worrying about her getting to it ages ago – it would definitely have finished me off by now. She took her time to crawl and it seems she would be doing the same for walking. I was a late walker and on the whole I walk fairly well (except when I’ve had a bit too many glasses of wine). She ‘talks’ (even in her sleep), she communicates, she recognizes things, and so I knew that it was only a question of fear and/or laziness.

Which brings us back to last night. From 6.30pm to 7.30pm our little munchkin took her first proper steps, started on the stairs, climbed on the table and the sofa. I have to admit we were a bit shocked as to what was going on. I mean talk about explosive growth spurts – this one was a killer!

Little Trooper is still asleep right now. I’m thinking she’s gathering and storing all the energy for what will be a very active day. I probably should worried about what the day will bring, but I’m so excited I might just spend it all running after her trying to film her 🙂










4 thoughts on “One Giant Leap!

  1. Aw this is great! She seems to be laughing with surprise and happiness in herself that she is walking on her own now, you are going to be one tired mama from chasing her around now ;o)

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