Lefty Baby

We’ve just confirmed that C’s a lefty. More than confirmed, we’ve only been testing her that bit more, and her left hand is the preferred hand of choice. She switches things from her right hand to her left one, and has that bit more strength in her left hand. Neither one of us is left-handed,al though A’s brother is a fellow-lefty, and according to an article I’ve just read, children inherit the ‘lefty gene’ from their father’s side.

You may ask why I’d want to Google ‘left-hand babies’ but I did, and I came across this article which I found myself reading. Some important points I came across are the following:

  • Roughly, 11% of the US population is a lefty.
  • The right side of the brain which controls the left hand is responsible for arts, perception and emotion.
  • Left-handed students prefer architecture, music and maths.
  • While C may not be able to play polo, she has a chance at tennis – if John McEnroe and Nadal could do it, so can our little one. Also, left-handed pitchers in baseball are much sought after because batters have trouble seeing a ball thrown by a lefty!
  • And 4 out of the last 7 US presidents were lefties. On that note, we might just move to America 🙂

    More interesting facts here.


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