We have just woken up to this winter’s first snowfall. It’s falling down quite a bit as I write this, and although I love snow (remember last year?), I can’t help but feel a bit worried that it may somehow affect our plans this week. Two winters ago I was pregnant and had my flight cancelled midway while driving to Gatwick, and coming back home was a nightmare (more so, getting another flight booked!),so I’m praying that won’t happen again. For some very strange reason, one I can’t understand, it seems that this country is not equipped for snowy weather. The railways, airports and other modes of transport just seem to stop entirely. You’d think that a country of England would have contingency plans especially for this sort of weather. Well, think again!

In the meantime, as long as the snow doesn’t wreck tomorrow night’s plans and our flight on Saturday morning, I will enjoy it!


These are some photos from the 2010 snowfall in early December which caused major havoc everywhere. I was ‘lucky’ enough to be on my way to Gatwick, calling the Air Malta offices to verify whether my flight would fly or not, and to be told by them ‘If I was you I’d go there, and see what they tell you at the airport!’ Meanwhile all radio stations started warning cars to avoid the Gatwick area. Customer care at its’ best!

snow 2010 3 snow2010 2 snow2010






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