And I had a dream…


And my dream came true last night!


Three months after purchasing the tickets to Florence and The Machine’s last tour date in London, yesterday couldn’t have arrived any sooner! I was so waiting for this concert for ages, simply because I love the band, singer and songs.


The concert did not let down – it probably was better than I expected! There is always that high expectation when going to see a concert, and you want the reality to reach that level. Last night it happened. I can’t say it for all artists, but Florence’s voice is probably one of those which sounds just as good live as it does on her recorded album. She wore a black goth dress, had her wonderful red hair in a bun with a braid going around, and was barefoot running around the stage like a mad woman! There were no outrageous outfit changes, no fixed and choreographed moves and no rushed performance. She sang her out out, she was jumping up and down, her hair was all over the place and she was having fun seeing her audience enjoy themselves. Her voice is like that of a little girl, high-pitched, very excited and she was thanking people constantly. She appears to be a very humble artist, as if amazed her voice could fill in concert halls.


The venue was quite perfect as well. All the concerts I’ve ever attended were held in stadiums, which fit more people obviously but effects the sound and visibility. At London’s o2, we had perfect seats – we were in Level 1, though I can’t vouch for the people up in Level 4 because they were quite high up. But the arena was perfect in size, and it gave the concert a very cozy feel to it. I don’t know if you had the chance to watch F+TM’s BBC2’s private concert held last month – there, a very small number of people attended, yet yesterday you could still feel that it was an intimate affair. The thousands of people did not matter.

She played a great selection of songs from both albums – You Got The Love was there (of course!), as was Cosmic Love, Shake it Out, Spectrum and Only If For A Night which opened the show. The opening acts were Haim and The Maccabees – we missed the former but heard the last part of the latter’s concert and I at least recognized one song!




I would see her again in a second if I could. But since I won’t be able to for the time being, I’m back at hearing her records. But this time I have special memories attached to each song 🙂


Do enjoy these clips! I wish I could have recorded the whole thing, but I couldn’t. This is the next best thing!


The very start:




You Got The Love deserves two clips 🙂




Can you feel the energy?





So if anyone of you wishes to go to see Florence and The Machine, and are short of companionship, I will gladly accompany you 🙂 I took A along with me, and he really enjoyed himself! All sorts of people were there – the young bohemian English, the ‘young’ adults (like ourselves lol), and the over 50s who were jumping up and down and singing!

I’m afraid my obsession with F+TM just increased a hundred-fold…



















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