Do forgive me!

Do forgive me, dear friends!

We’ve been on The Rock for over a week and I still have to find the time to sit down and write a post in peace and quiet without an appointment to rush to or someone to meet.

So far our stay has been rather exciting. The main reason for that was my sister-in-law’s wedding which was so much fun! Little C was the flowergirl, and although she was that bit loud during mass (there was no real hope for her to be quiet when she discovered that her voice echoed in the church) it was fun! We spent two nights on the larger island since the wedding was held there, and we played the part of tourists in Sliema to perfection. The wedding team was perfect – we had the great Kris shooting our pictures and the talented Justin and Lara making us all beautiful! I loved getting my makeup done and having it remain the same more than 16 hours after applied! My feet ended up numb, but seeing C being carried around on her father’s and grandfather’s shoulder, waving and dancing around made it worthwhile. She was a joy, a beautiful angel all dressed in white, who ended up shoeless, running around in white tights and making her dress as brown and dirty as possible. She has some great shots (thanks to a very patient Kris) and I can’t wait to see them!

As for the bride, she was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. She can wear a brown sack and still be gorgeous, and on her day she was perfect. Her dress was the most exquisite thing ever and it fit her like a glove.

All in all we are all doing great. Up till today the weather has been anything but the cold December weather we have become used to. I haven’t gone out around in a cardigan alone in what seems like ages! No scarf or coat – bliss!

So please forgive me dear friends. I promise to be more regular here and do better next time.


With her straight hair-do!

I wrote this post on my phone so please excuse the lack of margin alignment, spelling mistakes and omission of proper wedding pictures. I will make up for it!


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