Yuletide Love

I can’t believe that there’s only seven days left for Christmas Day! I’ve always loved December and the whole happy spirit that seems to accompany the month, and this year more than ever. Whereas last year C was a young five month-old baby, this year things are slightly different. The lights draw her attention, she cries out ‘tree’ whenever she sees a Christmas tree lit up and for some reason she seems to find Christmas carols funny. But then again that just might be my voice she’s laughing at.

Our Christmas shopping has been done and ready for quite some time now. However none of it is here on The Rock yet. Tonight the first delivery should be happening and next Saturday our final luggages will arrive with, hopefully, the full lot. All that will be left is some quick packing and we will be finally ready.

As expected C’s gifts took full priority this year round. And while I know that she is still young to fully appreciate the season and understand why mummy loves the bearded old man called Santa Claus, I live in the hope that some of my passion and love for Christmas passes on to her. 

If I’m too busy to find time to write anything in the coming week, I do wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas full of love and laughs, and a wonderful 2013 to follow. May it bring everything you wish for…and a million times more!

As an aside to this post, C has been making new friends.


Some are that bit elderly...

Some are that bit elderly…



...others are young, cute and cuddly x

…others are young, cute and cuddly x


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