A quickie and a shortie!

How ironic that on the very last day of our holidays, I have finally found the time to sit down and write a post, albeit a short one. Time flies when on holiday, and this one more so than others. December was packed from the very beginning with my sister-in-law’s magical wedding, till yesterday evening which brought about the end to our holiday in Abruzzo. We all ate a little bit too much this past month and we all got a bit sick this past month. We enjoyed our family, our friends and our home here in Malta. All this being said, I can now not wait till we’re back in Canterbury and settle down to our quiet life there!

2012 was a beautiful year. It was C’s first full year and it was the year so many things happened. C went from a quiet and still baby to a roadrunner of a baby – she’s always on the go and never EVER stops. She went from a simple ‘mama‘ in early March to much wider vocabulary nowadays, which helps us communicate better. Her few strands of hair have morphed into a wild headful of black hair which is its’ most beautiful when messed up and all over her face.  From a baby bringing up milk and making me despair at feeding-times, she’s gone to a self-sufficient baby with a very set mind when it comes to food. I have noticed that she’s not eating as well and as much as she did before we came to Malta last month, but I’m blaming that on a lack of high-chair here in Malta, and the million and one things which draw away her attention from her food when it comes to eating time. I’m hoping things in that department will resume to normal as of tomorrow.

Proper blog posts with photos will follow this one. I just wanted to say a quick hello and let you all know that I’m still here! I’ve missed this little outlet of mine and can’t wait to return to more regular postings. In the meantime, I wish you all a great year, and let it bring you all whatever you most wish for in life, most especially health, love and of course, wealth!


2 thoughts on “A quickie and a shortie!

  1. Emily’s eating habits always go out the window when we’re in Malta. I think it’s the constant distraction and lack of routine – they just don’t know what’s hit them. She’ll probably be back to normal within days of your return xx Happy new year! 😀

    • I agree with you. She hasn’t had a proper meal in the four weeks we’ve been here and has been feeding mostly on milk, crackers and fruit – mainly finger foods because she can’t seem to stop still long enough to eat properly. And a happy new year to you all too!

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