A Broom and an Ear, All Things Dear…

It seems that each time I come to write a post about C, I always think and write the same thing – how I love the stage she’s currently at. Each week, each month, each stage brings with it novel milestones. Although it’s nearly been a year since she first said it, I still get a warm, fuzzy feeling when she calls me ‘mama’, although she says ‘papa’ with much more emotion I have to say. I love watching her view the world and absorbing it all in. It’s amazing how a baby is born with a tabula rasa, a blank sheet, and life and its’ experiences fills it up for them. Thinking about how pure and innocent they are is an overwhelming and sometimes scary thing. To know that your child is taking in whatever you expose them to is a great responsibility.

At 18 months, Litte Miss C is an official showgirl. This girl loves nothing more than having the spotlight on her. Be it the mirror, a salesgirl, us, her grandparents, strangers on the plane – all she needs is a smile to set her off. She now has her silly smiley face followed by her cute giggles. She kisses her own reflection in the mirror and plays peek-a-boo with it. When I try and guess how she’ll be as a teenager I get the shivers.

Her vocabulary is growing, and more exciting than this is her ability to associate pictures and people with the right word. Contrary to having any guilt feelings over letting her watch baby television, I am convinced that most of her grammar has been learnt from their programmes. Along with TV programmes and iPad apps, I have bombarded the poor bob with books from the earliest age she could hold them in her arms. We have repeated words to her over and over again, at times we have felt like we’re training a pet, but now we are starting to hear the results. At this stage she is absorbing every word we say around her – this weekend she added ‘brush’, ‘cheese’ and ‘kink-u’ (that’s ‘thank-you’ to you and me) to her vocabulary (I’m now trying to get her to combine ‘blue’ and ‘cheese’ together just to annoy her father, who has a deep and lethal abhorrence to cheese). And although some words are not exactly right (‘bee-fy’ as in butterfly and ‘but’ as in button), we have now started a fascinating stage whereby we can communicate with eachother, she understands my questions, repeats my words and answers with some of her own. It’s early days still for forming fully-fledged words, but I’m loving these moments.

Cesca is now walking, much better than she was just before we left The Rock. She was a late walker but everything comes at its’ own pace, and I was secretly happy having her be a little baby that bit longer. I’m guessing there’s no stopping her now. Her favourite household item is the broom, and she tries to sweep the kitchen floor whenever she can – not an easy task when the broom’s double her height. Her favourite mode of playing is putting things in a straight line and moving them to another place in the same order. She eats her cereal this way too – she will remove them one by one, put them in a line and then put them in her mouth. Something tells me she will be a bit more organized and tidy than her mother. Jumbo blocks are a favourite (she discovered them at a birthday party she went to last month and they’re now her preferred toys – picture here), she gets to build and break up her structures at her leisure.

Her fascination with ears is on the grow. For some strange reason whenever C takes her dummy for bedtime, she will automatically look out for an ear. She loves touching and exploring it. Be it her own or whoever it is who’s carrying her, she will play with the ear till she falls asleep. And whenever she wakes up during the night for her dummy, she will touch her ear and go back to bed. I have tried reintroducing muslin clothes and small dolls as alternative sources of comfort for her, but she ignores them and plays with her ear. At least there’s no way we can ever lose that, so we’re safe.

She loves a camera (of course...)

She loves a camera (of course…)


4 thoughts on “A Broom and an Ear, All Things Dear…

  1. Haha! I love your trying to combine blue and cheese just to annoy A! And you’re right about the ear. Encourage it! We’re now stuck with M’s bunny (who’s not allowed out of the house lest we lose it) and Robin’s cushion (which is almost her size).

  2. I’ve started to appreciate the benefits of the ear because there’s no way I can ever forget that for her! It’s just that bit embarrassing when people hold her and she grabs their ear – I have to explain that it’s nothing personal lol 🙂

  3. oooohhhhh kids are so cute at this stage – they are cute at any age but when they start to talk and the new words come gushing out they become postively edible!! i can’t wait for e to start talking! cherish the ear! ant had his booby phase – try explaining that to strangers!

    • Lol yes they’re super-cute! Especially when she starts talking to herself and using half-words 🙂 I’ve gotten used to the ear and it’s less awkward than explaining the booby, I’m sure 😉

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