“Am I or the other ones crazy?”

Never has a blog name seemed as appropriate as it does right now.

Yesterday was a day of randomness. Random thoughts started popping into my mind, I was set off into giggling fits at the most random thought ever and I spent an hour on Facebook going through other people’s photos, convinced that some pictures were actually giving me the shivers. My mind is working in strange ways, I am seeing the silly side of things at times, and at other times I find myself wondering ‘what the hell are you doing, Jo?’

We went to the supermarket and I couldn’t stop laughing at this:

warming potatoes

Then The Husband came over and told me ‘The breasts* are reduced’ and that had me going again.

We saw a Maltese TV programme where one of the guests couldn’t stop saying ‘gas’ the lazy American way – gaaaaaas. We were in fits.

I have been buying Christmas cards and wrapping paper like a maniac, just because they’re 70% off. And of course it doesn’t matter that I haven’t sent a Christmas card in three years. Or that last Christmas I forgot to take the wrapping paper with me to The Rock after having bought in October.

I’m having dreams which are weirder than usual. My dreams are not the running-on-the-hills-singing-and-laughing sort. No. My dreams are much more weird – I am either killed, or I kill someone I know, other times I live in China with my family who’ve taken up very strange Chinese facial features, and sometimes I’m shopping without paying. And my most common dream right now – waking up all sweaty and panicked because I’ve lost my engagement and wedding rings again.

I know what’s causing all this. Amidst the confusion, chaos and craziness we are living through right now, my brain is seeking out these small random things as an outlet to let out all the anxiety which would otherwise build up inside me and end up having locked up forever. As for my dreams, well they do say that dreams are secret inner thoughts and desires (the shopping not the killing).

Whatever it is, I am living in random world at the moment. I really wish I could tell you more, but while there is so much to tell at the same time I feel as if it’s still early days to talk about anything mainly because some points are still up in the air. See, not even my own words make sense to me sometimes. I feel for you, dear readers. But I need to know that you’re at the other end, reading this, maybe nodding your head and thinking how you’ve had similar days? Please make me feel normal!

* He was talking about chicken breasts, not my own.


4 thoughts on ““Am I or the other ones crazy?”

  1. “The Breasts” hehe that would have made me laugh too! Not to worry I think we all have days (or weeks) like this. I know that I have lately! Days where everything just seems to be going crazy, my head spins, I keep making stupid little mistakes or nothing makes sense. Times like these laughter is literally the best medicine I think and so go with it!

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