Remembering Days Gone…

Living with an 18-month old in a country with no family around sort of compromises your weekend options. Add to that the freezing weather that we have here in England at the moment, and you wouldn’t want to go out of the house unless really REALLY necessary. And when it snows heavily you’d have to be a bit crazy to want to venture outside on a cold January night (except if you’re me of course).

Therefore our options are very limited. Although we try and enjoy the weekend as a whole family, cold weather puts a damper on things. We can’t go out with the pushchair in snowy weather because it’s so difficult pushing it and remain standing when threading on ice. Wherever we manage to go, Cesca will have to remain straddled in her pushchair and she hates that, especially since she discovered the independence and excitement her two long legs give her. Even car drives are a scary outing. And if daytime outings wherein we all try and do something different for our sakes and more so for Cesca’s, night time outings for us is even harder.

Enjoying this year's first proper snowfall.

Enjoying this year’s first proper snowfall.

Trailing after papa' - with no falls!

Trailing after papa’ – with no falls!

So our preferred weekend thing is inviting friends over for dinner at our place. We’re all happy that way – I get to bake something yummy, A stocks up the wine, we decide on the menu, and Cesca gets an extra hour awake at night, basking in the extra attention she gets. And the worrier in me gets the night off from thinking that Cesca will catch a cold. It’s a win-win situation.

One of our friends is 33 weeks pregnant. She seems to be growing more and more every time I see her and she has an inner glow emanating from her – I guess the cliche’ is true, the ‘pregnancy glow’ does exist!  She’s at the phase where every bit of her body is aching, simple things irritate her and everything itches and is sore! I could not help telling her that unfortunately things will get bigger, heavier, less pleasant and more frustrating. She was up and moving every couple of minutes, unable to find a comfortable sitting position, craving oranges and eating and tangerines, and then gulping down milk because of the heartburn it caused her.

Inadvertently her talk took me back to my 33rd week of pregnancy. I was big and growing. And it was the week I travelled to Malta alone, to spend the three months of summer there, waiting for Little Miss C to arrive.

And now ‘Little’ Miss C caresses and touches our friend’s belly whenever we tell her to say hello to  baby Chris.

Life is one big beautiful circle x

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