Addicting Series…

When A first left for England I would find myself with lots of time at hand. Evenings and weekends were hard to fill in because there were only so many things I could do being half of a couple. So the highlights of my week started being the hours I would spend watching the DVDs I would rent out for the weekend, mostly television series which I had never watched but soon became addicted to. I started watching every series I could find to rent out, and finished most of them. Others I am still watching to this very day. There were only a few which I started but could not finish due to boredom.

Last weekend I finished the last season of Gossip Girl. As with Sex and the City, the series finished with one of my favourite songs of all time (different artist though still as beautiful) and just like what happened with SATC‘s ending, I was in tears crying like a baby. I then spent the whole day googling favourite episodes of all times, series spoilers and deleted scenes. I read tens of online reviews for the series finale, re-watched the last episode and then realized I could not watch another minute of Gossip Girl anymore because I had reached my limit.

This week I’ve continued Desperate Housewives because that was one series I had forgotten about. I am in the last season of the show, and can’t wait to see how it will all end. I’m still following Grey’s Anatomy although I will wait a couple of weeks before starting it again because I like having a good number of episodes to watch at one go.

And then I think I will be lost. I will have no other series to finish, and will have to start a new one. For this I’m asking you dear readers for some good recommendations. I want a gripping series, attractive actors, a great love-plot, the whole works. I  might start Dexter but I also want a more ‘feminine’ show. Having loved the Twilight series, I was thinking about starting a vampire series – The Vampire Diaries might be a possibility. But I’m not sure the actors will live up to Robert Pattinson and his Edward, so jury’s still out on that one.

So again, if any of you have any good suggestions for a TV series, I’d really appreciate!

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13 thoughts on “Addicting Series…

  1. Well if you like Greys, you’ll prob like Private Practice. They just showed the last episode last week. I think there were 5 or 6 seasons… Another good on is The Good Wife and Revenge…. Have you ever seen ER… One of my all time favorites. I cried when that finished. Something like 11 seasons!!! And George Clooney!!!

  2. As a fellow addict, i can suggest:
    as loretta said if you liked Grey’s you’ll probably like Private Practice, its a spin-off of Grey feat. Dr. Addisson Shepherd/mongomery;
    One which i find had a good plot, and different from the hospital bizz, is Scandal – the creator is Shonda Rhimes of Grey
    and call me weird or whatever but i was addicted to House, something about his sarcasm got me hooked!

  3. Dexter is nice – one to watch with the husband. I have started watching Once Upon a Time and it’s very cute. The new Nikita is full of action and How I Met Your Mother can keep you amused for hours.

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