February – National Heart Month

Tomorrow kicks off the National Heart Month. February is the month when heart-awareness programmes kick off and various fundraising activities here in England start to benefit the sufferers of chronic heart illnesses and the several organisations which help. Unfortunately this is a topic which hits a bit too close to home for me, and for this reason I’d like to use this small platform I have here to raise the following points to your awareness:

Top of the Tops!

Heart disease is the number one killer amongst women nowadays. It beats ALL types of cancer.

Your shape matters!

Women with an apple-shaped figure are at a higher risk of heart disease than pear-shaped women. It’s better to be a pear-shaped female (with excess weight around the hips area) than an apple-shaped one (where the excess weight is found in the waist area).

Puff the smoke away!

Nowadays more young women smoke than young men. It seems women find it much harder to kick the habit then men. Remember, no amount of smoking is safe!

Control the C-Monster!

Cholesterol is a killer. Reduce the amount of food high in saturated fats you consume and instead aim for foods high in unsaturated fats – seeds and nuts are two great superfoods!

Diet – the Good Way!

Reduce salt and monitor your alcohol intake. Moderation is the key word.

Get going!

Move – walk – run – exercise! It is so easy falling into a rut and spending hours at end sitting down. Instead find a 15-minute niche in your day where you can go for a short walk. Take a pet, go with a group of friends, update your iPod music list – just get out there and exercise!

Family Factor!

Check out your family’s history for any heart diseases and always inform a doctor or other medical member of any condition any of your immediate family may have suffered from. While you can’t escape from the family factor, you can help reduce the risk of anything happening to you.

Help yourself!

Nowadays we are lucky to have a hundred ways monitor and help with any risks we might have. Avail yourself of the numerous tests you can do to help keep your health in check – cholesterol level checks, blood pressure checks and diabetes screening are just a few.

Be on the guard!

If you feel anything unusual and suspicious, don’t stay quiet! Any feelings of tightness or discomfort in the chest, neck, arm or stomach area may be an early sign of angina which can result in a heart attack if left uncared for. Never underestimate a particular pain or difference in your body. It could be the worst mistake of your life.



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