The ‘Cold’ Weekend…

I spent last weekend surrounded by tissues, lozenges and paracetamol.  I got the flu it seems. The Husband and Cesca seem to have escaped catching the gazillion of germs I must be spreading out and about. For some strange reason my cough is under control all throughout the day, but the moment my head touches my pillow, I start coughing without any control at all. That has got to be the most annoying thing of all. As for my sneezing, Cesca thinks it’s the most amusing thing ever seeing me sneeze one right after another one. Very entertaining.

We head off to The Rock this weekend for a short visit, one which will definitely see our little Gozo triple in size with the amount of visitors who come on over for Carnival. Like I’ve said over and over again, Carnival is not my favourite time of the year. It never was and never will be probably. But it gives C an excuse to dress up and that’s a part I do enjoy, so I’m learning to put up with it for her sake.

Although when she’s older and participating in Carnival dances, and I have to make her costume, take her to endless hours of rehearsals and endure the cold, bitter cold to see her dancing to the cheesiest songs ever, I might just change my tune.


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