Photographic Memory

A dear and old friend of mine posted this picture on Facebook.

Our super-group. M, L, M, yours truly and J - we have some great memories ;)

Our super-group. M, L, M, yours truly and J – we have some great memories 😉

This photo was taken in July 2002. Us five rented a beautiful bungalow for a weekend in July. We were a wonderful group. We were all so close and we all mish-mished together so well that we were like sisters. Each and every one of us brought something to the group, some brought an extra bit of craziness, others brought a sensible and reasonable mind and others that bit more laughs and jokes.

On that particular Friday night we had organized another friend’s hen’s party. Without ever seeing or meeting him, we booked ‘some entertainment’ to come over from Malta for the night, even though we had promised no such thing would happen to the poor bride-to-be. Upon the entertainment’s arrival we were all shocked and bursting with laughter, for this muscular, well-built, tall and hunky guy we had imagined him to be, turned out to be a short and stocky, miniscule man, who came with the cheesiest of apparel – bits and pieces of black PVC and jars of Vaseline (the morning after we found a glove and a Vaseline jar, ugh) I remember people approaching us and asking us how we could have chosen the least attractive of his kind and got it all wrong. But I have to give it to him – he did put up a funny show, everyone was in hysterics and it was one of the funniest nights of my life.

I remember us spending the whole of Saturday lying by the pool, making cocktails, napping, posing for silly pictures, singing Madonna’s Like a Prayer and trying to rid ourselves of the terrible hang-over we all had from the night before.

It was a great weekend.

And I remember the  Monday after this picture was taken – it was the 29th of July 2002, and I met a certain Anthony for the first time ever.

The rest, as they say, is history 😉


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