SAD Sufferer


These past couple of days have been truly beautiful. While it’s still cold, no denying that, the sun has been out and we are seeing the blue skies for the first time in what seems like months. This winter was a tough one. We went through whole weeks of rain and grey skies and although I’ve become that bit more accustomed to the low temperatures here, I have to say that I’m that bit more gloomier on such days. My energy levels are in the minuses and I become lethargic without doing anything at all. Were it not for C, I’m sure I’d have spent days at end inside, perhaps not even bothering to get out of bed. But I no longer enjoy such luxury.

And then we have days like today, days when I don’t mind waking up with The Husband and making an earlier start than usual. Sunny days energize me, turn me into this strange Superwoman who manages to do tens of things I’ve been procrastinating about for weeks and I can’t seem to sit still. I open all the blinds, let the warm sunlight in and even unhinge the windows to let some pure and fresh air in. I get to hang out clothes outside, go for walks with C, enjoy the sun on my face (even though I’m cuddled up in hats and scarves) and everything seems that bit nicer. I even bother going through cookbooks for new recipes and turn a blind eye to C’s troublemaking.

I’m one of those people whose mood and general well-being is effected by the weather. I’d say I’m a SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) sufferer, and it does not help living in England. But the very cold winters make me appreciate summers that bit more. The very thought of less clothing, warm skin and cold ice-cream keeps me going on cold winter days.

Of course Maltese summers are HELL, but then that’s a different post altogether…

July 2012

July 2012




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