Three Years of This…

Cup of Crazy! is three years old!

What started off as a suggestion from my friend Island Fairy during a Facebook conversation one boring morning whilst at work, has turned out to be my refuge. This tiny blot in the humongous world wide web is my own personal space where I get to express myself – very strange for someone like me who is such a private person. It is not easy for me to open up to new people and I do not trust easily, yet here I feel amongst friends. And so I find myself divulging inner thoughts, personal problems and funny episodes without any worry whatsoever.

Your comments put a smile on my face, your ‘likes’ give my day that bit more of bounce, and every new reader makes me feel on top of the world. I’ve met amazing new people, read and shared pretty awesome stories and I’ve got to know people I already knew that bit more.

So thank you dear friends. I may not write as regularly as I’d wish to, but it means the world to me knowing that when I do, someone out there is reading, is perhaps nodding his/her head, is perhaps laughing, smiling or just sharing my thoughts. And that’s just enough to make me want to continue what I’m doing.


6 thoughts on “Three Years of This…

  1. Three years is an investment of time, so even if you don’t post as regularly as you might like to, don’t stop posting! πŸ™‚ Don’t feel obliged, just keep doing it for the fun of it. I think I had one year where I posted about 6 times in the entire year! Blog was still there when I returned πŸ˜‰

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