Shine On

Sometimes you stumble upon a blog post which leaves you shocked. It happened to me this morning, whilst catching up on some reading. A fresh post written by This Mother Loves left me gob-smacked and in tears. A beautiful baby girl named Matilda Mae was chosen to leave her family and join the stars in the sky. She was such a pretty little baby and only 9 months old. We are not meant to understand certain things, but something like this happening makes you start doubting in everything you thought was rock-solid.

Matilda Mae’s mummy wrote this post. It broke me down and at this moment my prayers and thoughts are with her. Spare one minute and say a small prayer for this broken family. Let us all hope that somehow they manage to find the solace and courage they will need to continue life as a foursome.

Wide-field view of the sky around the bright star Fomalhaut


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