The Penultimate One

Last weekend’s visit to Malta was my penultimate one before settling there for what is hopefully a permanent move. We had a very short visit but we managed to carry a hundred kilos of things with us, and that really helped. Drawers and cupboards are slowly becoming empty and the house is slowly becoming a ghost of its’ former self. A sad thing really because even mundane things like food shopping have become different. There is no real use for buying things in bulk, not now, not anymore.

It is a sad thought. But then when I look at our home back in Malta I can’t wait to start living there on a permanent basis. We have been setting up home there ever since we got married, but only starting seriously finishing it for the past couple of months and we are set to move in. I have new pots and pans I can’t wait to start using and new things which are just waiting to be unboxed. Cesca has her new room which she just loves – the minute I put her in her bed at 3am in the morning when we arrived in Malta last weekend, she started jumping on her bed saying ‘flies, flies’ (her take on ‘butterflies’). I can finally say that all my things are going to be stored in one single place and not scattered all over Europe. Things have finally started falling into their proper place and our excitement levels are on a high. This time next year we will know where Cesca will start attending school, we will hopefully be making some progress in building our future home and lots of other things we have planned out, will start becoming more possible.

The next month will be very very hectic and emotional for us. We will have to make do without our little munchkin for a couple of days, and as much as we will miss her, it will be very selfish of us to do otherwise. I will have to say goodbye to my friends, especially to little Chris who was born today and that hurts so much. Final boxes have to be closed and sealed, services will have to be terminated and keys will be returned.

In the meantime, I’m off for some online retail therapy. One thing I will miss so SO much…


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