Give Me a Break

In our current state of living, we are only looking at and holding onto the positive things in our paths. We are trying to go around the negative and instead are focusing our energies on the dim light at the end of this long and winding tunnel. We yesterday  welcomed a great piece of news which is going to help us immensely, and now everything seems much more approachable and manageable.

Minutes after we got the good news, Cesca came down with a tummy bug. Save for the three times I had given her Calpol because of her teething woes and vaccine pains, and some coughing syrup, Cesca has practically been medicine-free from the beginning. She’s so energetic, always on the go and never stopping, not ever. So after an ugly and stinking vomiting episode, she was still in great spirits but spent the whole afternoon cuddled up to me, wanting me to read her books and watch Baby Einstein animal videos. She was improving by the end of the day, so some crackers and minerals later she went to bed.

Then came the fright of our life, especially A’s, who heard a noise, rushed to her bed and found Cesca vomiting while still lying down. She was still sleeping when he carried her out and put her in an upright position, all the time still vomiting. It was a terrible night because after thinking what could have happened and then cleaning everything at 10pm and trying to get rid of the awful smell, the long night following was a sleepless one. We were both listening in carefully to her breathing, I must have woken up fifteen times just to check on her. The sound of her letting go of her dummy scared us like crazy and we were both out of bed to see if all was well. Matilda Mae’s terrible tragedy is still fresh in my mind, plus that night we were watching Crimewatch, which of all cases had to be dealing about one where a man lost his wife and five children in a night fire. Agonizing images were popping their way into my mind and sleep was an impossible feat.

She has been better ever since. The virus was a 24-hour one, she was asking for ‘milk milk’ all day yesterday and we had to hide our fruit bowl because it would have been pure torture for her otherwise. She spent the day nibbling water crackers, banana crackers and cheese crackers – that’s variety for you! We carefully monitored her liquid intake and we were sometimes forcing her to drink, but all in all she was wonderful. Much more subdued than usual yes, but a great and co-operative baby.

Just before sleeping we gave her some banana chips and salty popcorn, mostly out of pity rather than her being hungry and wanting them. A big mistake. Immediately after eating the popcorn she started coughing and we realized that a small piece must have got stuck. Forcing a sleepy baby to drink some water when all she wants is milk is not pretty. But she drank some and went to bed. Then this morning just as A left for work, she woke up coughing, making choking noises, her eyes were open and wide, I was panicking thinking that this was it – we survived the first scare but we probably were not going to be so lucky the second time round. I grabbed her and held her up, and pat her back first slowly and then stronger. Those seconds seemed like hours. Finally a tiny piece of popcorn popped out.

She’s now still sleeping. She looks peaceful and rested.

And she will never ever have popcorn again. Not for a long time.

On days like these, it seems we can’t get to Malta quick enough.

Crackers were the only things on the menu.

Crackers were the only things on the menu.

She spent the whole of yesterday running after me, wanting me to hug her and hold her x

She spent the whole of yesterday running after me, wanting me to hug her and hold her x

It's 10am and she's still sleeping. Poor thing hasn't had a proper rest in days :(

It’s 10am and she’s still sleeping. Poor thing hasn’t had a proper rest in days 😦


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