Going, going. Gone.

This weekend was all about bidding farewell to our life for the past couple of years. Goodbyes are never easy. This move has been on our minds for what seems like forever, yet it was only this weekend that we truly faced up to the fact that things are about to change drastically. We went to the supermarket and unlike usual, we were not bulk-buying. We were calculating what we would need for the very last couple of days here in Canterbury. We realized that it was our last weekend here, that from now onwards, our weekends were going to be so different – we’ll miss our weekend coffees at Caffe’ Nero, the rustic Parma Ham baguettes from Pret-a’-Manger, the home-made pasta and bean soup from Carluccio’s, the pick-and-mix from Wilkinson’s…these are all things we’ve come to know and love.We won’t see the peroxide-blonde over-40-year old postman with the missing front tooth anymore, we won’t meet the crazy old woman selling wild flowers in exchange for some pennies in the city centre and Waitrose will let out a great sigh of relief that they will return to the peace and quiet of a normal supermarket after The Little Terror C is gone. For some very strange reason, Waitrose gave C a great spurt of energy, both vocally and physically.

Our special Canterbury...you gave us some pretty good times :)

Our special Canterbury…you gave us some pretty good times 🙂

Most difficult of all we’ve had to say goodbye to our friends. Although we will have the chance to meet up with them again before the final departure, I choose not to see them again. I preferred Saturday’s casual goodbye to what I know will be a heart-breaking farewell. Some tears were shed then, beautiful words were spoken and we received meaningful gifts which will always remind us of the beautiful people we met here – the people who became our family and close friends. We come from three different countries, three very different cultures, yet we clicked from the very beginning. They are special and loving people and although we will be far away, they will always hold a place in our hearts. It was very emotional, knowing that I will not get to see my dear friend’s newborn son grow up, that we will not see them every weekend as we did these past years. We met them when we were still unmarried, they came to our wedding, they shared our pregnancy, we shared their’s, we drank uncountable bottles of wine, we made Mojito’s and Pimms together, we laughed together and shed tears during difficult times. We’ve had numerous coffees together, we’ve holidayed together, they were the only people I ever trusted to babysit C and they spoilt her rotten. They were always a call away, they treated us with respect and love from the very first day, and we are both so grateful and lucky for having met them. We truly wish them all the best in this world, for they deserve every bit. I am just so happy that they now have a perfect little man who will make their life a million-times more happier. He is definitely the luckiest baby alive.

I do hate goodbyes. There is a certain finality associated with the word. Goodbye signifies a permanent separation, the end of the old and beginning of the new. It brings about change, a scary prospect, a step into the unknown. So unbeknownst to our friends, our goodbyes have already been said. Our kiss to baby Chris was the last one for the time being. Cesca will have pictures and gifts to remind her of these special people. We will now rely on the magical workings of the internet to keep in touch.

Until we meet again dear friends. Thank you. For everything.

Friends are the family you choose, and you were definitely that.


So much has happened during these past five years, dear friends. You're special people, and we will miss you terribly x

So much has happened during these past five years, dear friends. You’re special people, and we will miss you terribly x

I probably won’t get to write anymore this week. C has not been feeling very well for these past days and we are in the process of packing our lives away. Hopefully next time you hear from me, we will be more settled and a bit calmer than we are today. Just in case, let me wish you a Happy Easter, to you and your families.


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