Be With Me. Always.

Amidst all that’s going on at the moment, I need to write a short post.

I can’t let tomorrow pass by unmentioned.

Another year has passed.

It still feels so fresh at times, yet I’m shocked by how long it’s been already since I last saw you.

You make yourself felt so strongly at times.

Be it an expression on Cesca’s face which shocks me at times, because it’s your face I see.

Be it a football match I watch, when I can still see you watching it so attentively.

Be it a smiling face in a crowd I see, which makes me look twice, because it’s your smile I see.

Be it a news item I hear, which I know would have interested you so much.

Be it your soothing voice I hear in my head when everything seems so overwhelming at times.

Be it the pat I feel on my shoulder, when I know you’re reassuring me that everything will be fine.

I hang onto thin strands of ropes where you’re concerned. I will myself to remember every single detail, every small thing, however irrelevant it may seem. I know I will never forget anything, but I can’t play it safe.

Not where you’re concerned.

Please don’t ever stop being with me.

The world and its’ problems seem less troubling and much more bearable knowing that you’re there.

You’re still remembered, you’re still thought of, you’re still talked of, you’re still mentioned with laughs and smile.

And you are still loved.

Possibly more with every passing day.

One of my most favourite photos of you. Life was so simple then.

One of my most favourite photos of you. Life was so simple then.


5 thoughts on “Be With Me. Always.

  1. I know where you’re at right now. We never stop missing them, do we….. My moms anniversary is coming up in April, and it always seems to take a little bit out of me. And my dad and brother in summer. But oh such is life. I try to think of the good times, especially my childhood, when life was so good and simple.
    Be strong Jo, your dad was one in a million. I use to love to see him delivering papers here in Xaghra, a familiar face among so many, I didn’t really know…

  2. Thank you for your words Loreta. I can still your mother and Giorgia who lived next to us, sitting on our bankina chatting away 🙂 Thank God for memories x

  3. Be strong dear! You really, really look like your dad, i always thought so, but in this photo its amazing the resemblance. Wish you a safe journey!

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