Of Babbits and Sheeps!

Cesca is obsessed with animals. She’s been so for the past couple of weeks, and lately her love is growing ever more. Thanks to iPad apps, books and Baby Einstein videos, she’s learnt the names and sounds of various animals and can spot an animal from miles away. Whenever she sees a tablet or a phone her first word is ‘amils’ and she gets super-excited when animal pictures and sounds start popping up. We’ve had the same animal app for months, she watched the animal set hundreds of times, yet she never bores of them and is always asking for them. Best money spent on an app ever!

For that reason alone (I’m not a huge animal lover you see), I took her to a petting farm on the bigger island. I had been juggling several ideas in my head – Malta has such a wide variety of places to visit that I had to ask for help from some friends as to where would be most suitable for C. Ta’ Qali and the President’s Kitchen got the highest number of votes, and we opted for the former.

It was a huge success.

Immediately upon entering the farm, C spotted the horse and ran up to it saying ‘horse, horse’ over and over again. It was then the turn of the ducks, ‘babbits’, chickens, ‘sheeps’ and so many more well-kept animals. Each shed has a plaque with the name of the animal, and they are kept in clean and sheltered areas – no nasty smells thank God! There were also slides and a swing, sadly not for C’s age and that brought some cries. However she was easily distracted by the super-cute pygmy goats. She was running around the park, pointing at animals and laughing with joy upon seeing them. Only the promise of cheese lured her away when it was time to leave (cheese happens to be her favourite food at the moment!)

Cesca had a blast and was repeating animal names all the way back home. I can only imagine how exciting it was for her to see real animals upfront. Even the cynic in me enjoyed the outing, and I’m already planning another visit to the President’s Kitchen.

She is now asleep, she was quite exhausted. And I can only imagine what she’ll be dreaming of tonight…


She's loving her new shades :)

She’s loving her new shades 🙂

It was then time for some flower-spotting!

It was then time for some flower-spotting!

Where to go, what to do...

Where to go, what to do…

Giggles time ;)

Giggles time 😉

Filthy, famished, exhausted but oh so happy!

Filthy, famished, exhausted but oh so happy!


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