Unfamiliar Ground

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have realized that today was not an easy day. In fact it was the sum total of a frustrating and anger-fuelled situation which I will not bother you with. Let us just say that The Move was not easy. No, not easy at all. And since I now suddenly some extra time on my hands, it’s about time I stop banging my head against the wall and start writing instead.

Following my last post, we went along with our gut instinct and started C at a play-school. As I expected I was nearly in tears dropping her off to join her new friends. She was a bit apprehensive at first, probably overwhelmed by the other ‘babies’ (her word not mine) in the room, and by the great number of toys suddenly available to her to play with. By the time I had talked to one of the carers present there, she was hard at play, not even looking out for me, and in no time at all I had sneaked out of the room, feeling I have to say rather dispensable.

The whole time C spent at the play-school, I was on edge. I was worrying, thinking way too much and on the verge of calling the school a dozen times. I was envisioning the worst – cries, screams, fights, blood, injuries…what can I say? I have a very vivid imagination. A was calming me down, assuring and reassuring me that she would be just fine. So when the time came to pick her up, he was proven right. She was just fine. She was playing with another girl and when I went in for her, she merely acknowledged my presence with a smile and continued playing. Only after a couple of minutes did I get a proper hug. I was told she only cried a bit when she realized I had left and was an excellent girl for the rest of the morning. I even got a yummy sponge cake with strawberry jam C made herself – you can see it here 😉

The carer told me that she played with other children, she was following them around the play-area and she even came back with new words – ‘shapes’, ‘triangle’ and ‘circle’! So after one session at play-school, I am not regretting our decision. It seems that slowly but definitely, we are on the correct road.

Of course the real test lies on her next play-school date. Whether she will enter willingly or kicking and screaming is another thing to be seen.

In the meantime I’ll try not to kick and scream myself.


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