Early Call

6am on a Saturday morning.

Door bell buzzes and through the intercom:

“Hello, we’re from the police squad. I’m here about your daughter’s jeep”.

“Erm, what?!”

(At this moment I shaked away my confused and sleepy state of being and reminded myself that my daughter is 22 months old, she was sleeping in bed and did not drive).

“Your daughter’s husband (ummm, okay, what??!!) owns a jeep doesn’t he?”

(I then realized what the policeman was talking about)

“I think it’s my sister-in-law’s husband you’re talking about. Did something happen?”


(I here got very agitated. I must have been having a vivid and active dreams because all sorts of scenes were playing through my muzzled mind).

“What, what happened?”

“He needs to remove the jeep from where it’s parked because of Lejliet Lapsi*”.

Screw you policeman.

*Lejliet Lapsi is an annual three-day festival held in Victoria, Gozo where local traditions are celebrated, pop concerts are held, children have an actual area designed for them to play in and Gozo becomes a nightmare to live and park in.


6 thoughts on “Early Call

  1. illallu, does jean know!!!! haha! i believe it was such an urgent matter that it could not have possibly waited till the decent hour of let’s say 8am!!! top on the priority list.
    the policemen should be safeguarding the children’s safety during school entry hours near down town area! Just saw a kid run over on Thurs! cos the policeman was busy in front of Mothercare pressing the traffic light button! give me a break

    • I just got to know of the urgency of the 6am wake-up call – disgraceful!! With all due respect to the police force who do a great and praise-worthy job, in this case I’m sure they could have used their position and effort for a better cause!

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