A Smile and Some Giggles

A blog I follow, All Things Fabulous, recently put up a link to a beauty vlog on You Tube. I don’t really like vlogs mainly because the majority of times the people taking part in them look like D-list actors who take to the internet to market off their supposedly charming nature, and fail. Yet, I saw one video of this Jarmaine (JLovesMac) and I have to say I could not stop smiling! She has uploaded nearly 300 videos on You Tube, and is one of the most entertaining people I’ve seen there for ages! She has a straight and direct way of delivering her message and is refreshingly honest. She pokes fun at herself and says what she says in a totally unrehearsed manner. She mainly does makeup vlogs, but sometimes also tackles other issues. If like me you love (and desperately need) a good laugh, I suggest you check her out.


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