The Birthday One

This weekend I had my birthday. Though I could not celebrate as I would have wished, my dear family went out of their way to ensure I had a great weekend. So a dreaded day turned out into a fun weekend. C and I enjoyed the sunny weather, we visited the bigger Rock, we got ice-cream in our hair and clothes, we laughed and giggled and had a good time 🙂

C is now a little talker. Yesterday she lined up her soft-toys and told me, ‘toys sleeping – schhhh’! She coughs and says ‘bless you’, she orders everyone to ‘sit down’ and ‘go bye-bye’ and insists on the ‘mirror, mirror’ whenever she puts her outfit on. She now recognizes and says the numbers out until ten, colours and animals are a favourite, and this weekend started calling out for her ‘uncle Edward’ and ‘auntie Ver’. She is growing into a little sweetheart x

We have paused playschool for now because the last two times she was in tears and telling me ‘door, bye-bye’ and needless to say she broke my heart, I conceded temporary defeat and for now she is with me again. But I will try again next week. Worst case-scenario I bring her back home with me like I had to do today week.

I hope your weekend was a great one! Summer is slowly approaching here and I still have to switch my winter clothes to summer ones – something I dread doing but can’t delay any longer. The wind does not seem to want to give us a break, and it’s been awfully windy lately, although today it seems to have stopped for a bit. Maybe we can go out for a walk without ending up in the midst of a dust-storm with teary eyes and sneezing.

In the meantime, here’s C’s favourite ‘move’ – throwing a balloon up in the air, running away from it and then going back for it. Bless x


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