These Days

I have so many posts written and ready in my head but I can’t somehow find the energy or the time to put it down here. Hiatus is the word of the day, every day. Unexpected things keep popping up and urgent posts keep being pushed to the side. My blog dashboard is full of unfinished posts, four to date, and the previous one always seems that bit less relevant when the new problem of the day pops its ugly head. So if I ever will eventually publish something, a quick-form of a post is the only way to do it.

  • We are having problems with every being and every institution on these islands. It’s of utmost frustration realizing that you will have to pay (quite literally) for some idiot’s mistake, and nothing can be done about it. We are the islands of utmost nonchalance, total irresponsibility and absolute disregard for the common citizen. Customer care is non-existent and trying to claim your basic rights? Bleh, good luck to you! My only suggestion to anyone wanting anything done here in Malta – make sure you present your case/argument in the simplest of form, never over-estimate one’s level of common sense and be prepared for the very, very worse because inevitably, it WILL happen. Stock up on chamomile tea, take deep breaths and keep chanting ‘tomorrow will be better, tomorrow will be better’. It may for you. Still hasn’t for me.
  • I have suddenly realized that C will turn two in just over a month, and I have nothing planned for her birthday! This time last year I knew her first birthday’s party theme, had everything ordered and bought, the time and place of her party were decided upon, food was chosen, gifts were bought – I was super-planned. This year, my poor baby’s big day has been given the shoulder. But as of tomorrow I will get that ball rolling. And it will be as fun and as exciting to plan as it was last year. I insist on that.
  • After the whole Johnson’s drama (this amongst others) that has popped up in the news, I have unwillingly given up on using them for C anymore, and have now ordered some organic lines to replace them. Johnson’s reminded me of when I was a young girl, when my brother was a baby, when my mother used them on us. The smells took me back to yesteryears, and I loved smelling those scents on C. But that is now over. After asking for some help on Cup of Crazy’s Facebook page, I was given lots and lots of suggestions and eventually went with iherb – an American site selling various organic brands. It’s not easy to choose from a wide choice of things you don’t know that much about, but some googling and consumer reviewing helped. I now can’t wait to receive and try them!

    If you’re interested in and would like to place an order with them, use the coupon code GZQ001 and you will get $10 off your first $40+ order, or $5 off your first order of less than $40. If you check out the weight of the things you purchased and ensure they don’t exceed 4lbs (1814grams) and $80, the shipping rate is a flat $4! Do take a look ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Last Saturday C and myself had an exciting morning getting some pictures taken by the talented and so-patient Saviour! My vain and mirror-loving baby acted pretty well I think, all things considered, and it helped that Saviour was the calmest and most professional photographer ever, coaxing C to move that way or to pause (‘stop’ is too generous a word) by a certain feature. I do not like posed and perfect pictures, for me they hold no story, no individuality. I wanted natural photos and with his high level of perfection I know I will get just that. I can not wait to see the final product. He has also been given permission to photoshop several inches off me should he wish, so yay to that. Check out his tumblr page!
  • Yesterday while waiting for an appointment, a middle-aged man sitting next to me, kept looking at me. After a couple of minutes I could not ignore him any longer, it was becoming quite uncomfortable and I was about to change my seat when he asked me, ‘Inti ta’ l-Ewropa l-gdida?’ I told him ‘Ewropa gdida?!’ He responded ‘Iva, iva. Dik li telghet fl-Ewropa u li ghandha hafna kunjomijiet?’ ‘ … Ahhh‘, I then clicked. ‘No, I am not Roberta Mescola Tedesco Triccas‘. To all my non-Maltese readers I won’t bother translating this part. You really shouldn’t be bothered by anything relating to Maltese politics.
  • Thanks to the sand-storm that engulfed the islands last week, I am now the proud owner of the dirtiest car on the island. It is black no more, and strongly resembles a moving zebra. Any volunteers for car-washing, please PM me for further details.
  • My shoes have a new home! The latest addition to our home is a huge shoe cabinet which now holds all of my shoes, heel-coordinated and all lying prettily one next to the other. Gone is the messy state they were in, and the wasted minutes trying to trace the second shoe. I now open the cabinet/shoe wardrobe and voila’, there they all are smiling back at me. With the tidy shoes, there is now also a strong urge to go shoe-shopping. I am sure I can fit some more in there if I try…

There you go people. In my head, each bullet-point held a post but you now got the concise version of each, much better for you I’m telling you, especially with the first point. I hope you’re having better days than I am. All I can say is that May was awful. Apart from my birthday, which is quite baffling to me – it’s not like I turned 18, the rest of the month was one disaster. C is the only one keeping me sane and making me laugh. Her ‘talks’ are hilarious and incessant, her take on new words is fascinating and now more than ever I can see what my daughter will be like in the future. The fact that what I’m doing seems to be working gives me hope that perhaps I am not as terrible as I feel at the moment, at least not with her. That is all that matters. The rest can go screw itself silly upside down.

Oh, and you may have noticed I changed my blog’s layout and format design. I went with a whim with this one, I thought the pastels might cheer me up. It is a bit busier compared to the previous one, so let’s see how long it’ll last!

To be in Sicily right now. To drive in the wild countryside with open windows and a cool breeze passing by. One can but dream.

To be in Sicily right now. To drive in the wild countryside with open windows and a cool breeze passing by. One can but dream.


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