The Notebook

I find myself suddenly wanting a notebook. After meeting up with my dear friend Island Fairy (do send her some love today, it’s her birthday!), I convinced myself that I do need a notebook.  Not that I’m becoming forgetful, oh definitely not that reason no, but I’m feeling as if I need a small notebook constantly at hand, mainly to jot down ideas as they come to me, have all my to-do lists in one place and doodle when I’m bored waiting.

My 2013 diary is now in ruins thanks to the young artist in the house. I have enough abstract art to last me a lifetime.

If I still lived in England, I’d head to the High Street and visit Paperchase because I never failed to find something pretty there. As it is now, I will probably visit their online shop and hope they deliver to our sometimes-isolated little island at a reasonable price.

See, this random thought of mine didn’t deserve a post. A quickly-written point in a notebook would have sufficed 😉



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