Just What I Need…

I think it’s long been established that I’m a social media junkie. I need my daily fix, be it from a computer, tablet or phone. I feel lost without live connection to the world wide web and although I have tried limiting my time online, I always sneak back in and come back for more.

Yes, I am a true junkie indeed.

Facebook is my main ‘addiction’ (my husband’s word, not mine). I always find something there to keep me entertained for hours at end, be it someone else’s photos, links to events, news articles and certain statuses which I read and re-read just to make sure I understood correctly.

Apart from Candy Crush (yes, I’m a sad Crusher I have to admit), I’m not into Facebook games, although I can remember a time a couple of years ago when my whole list of friends was growing a farm and logging into Facebook meant having to click ‘ignore’ on the daily tens of requests made by friends – X needs help trimming his bushes, Y needs help watering her carrots, Z’s horses need feeding…the good old days of Farmville. Bless.

And just to add more time to the lots I already spend on Facebook, I now discovered Bitstrips.  I found out about Bitstrips these past couple of days and I can already confirm it’s addicting! It’s an application whereby you design your own avatar, create statuses and situations with your friends’ avatars, insert your own captions and basically create your own comic strip!

If you’re my Facebook friend you may have seen my Bitstrips album. I am in fits of laughter whenever I set up a new design and see the ones my friends make. You’re basically allowed to act out whatever situation comes to mind and poke fun at yourself and at friends in the meantime. It’s a funny app, and although does not help AT ALL with reducing my Facebook time, it makes me laugh and so is totally justified.

968935_10151978076097782_1994456921_n 379604_10151977355992782_1503522727_n

So if you’re my Facebook friend and still haven’t got an avatar, go over to the Bitstrips application and get going! I can’t wait to Bitstrip you!


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