Two Months P-M

It’s the 13th again, and two months ago we left Folkestone for our trip back home. Today month everything was in chaos. Like I had written about then, things could not have been more messed up and confusing if we tried making them that way.

Well I’m very glad to report that things have since then looked up for us. We still have some things to resolve, but the issues causing us most headaches seem to have been solved. Of course we know that at any minute another problem can and probably will pop its ugly head, but considering the sheer stupidity we had to deal with from some people and institutions, there seems there’s nothing we can’t fight and do together. All we need is some gradual reintroduction to the whole way Malta’s system works.

Of course the major event today is A’s return to The Rock. We are happy excited raging happy-mad that the day has arrived. Problems are easier to resolve when you have a sound board behind you, next to you and with you all the way. And as much as A has been as available and present as possibly possible, it is never the same as it would be had he been here. Things can now be discussed immediately, plans set up there and then, and action taken as soon as possible. Plus of course the workload can be divided between us two now.

So contrary to last month’s post regarding our post-move situation, I’m in a better place today. Six and a half weeks later than planned, we are finally going to start our real life together in Malta as a family. I now feel that things will start falling in their proper place, our home will finally be full and complete and real plans and actual decisions can be taken.

How am I doing with our move? Well today I can honestly tell you that I’m hopeful and positive. And that’s enough for now.


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