A Special One

This weekend was a special one for the most simplest reasons. Nothing special was planned and nothing monumental was executed. All we wanted and all we did was spend the weekend as a family – us three. We’d all been longing for some time alone as a family, it’s something we’d been seriously lacking these past two months. So in all its simplicity, this weekend proved to be a success.

Cesca and myself went to the airport to welcome A back. While waiting for the hour-long delay to pass, Cesca managed to sweep clean the whole of the airport flooring, she was amazed by the planes landing and leaving, and was slightly bemused when A walked out of the terminal. It took a couple of days for her to realize that papa’ was here to stay. Finally!

We visited the beach and Cesca was the first one to walk straight into the sea. No shivering, no cries of ‘cold cold’, no pulling back – nothing. An hour after playing in the water, splashing around and building sand-castles, we finally managed to pull her out of the water and head home. It was the first time for us on the beach with Cesca as a toddler, and I’ve already started making a proper list of things to take with us because with every passing minute I started realizing how many things I had forgotten. Next time we definitely need to take an extra towel, some spare bags for the wet things, a bottle of water to rinse off the last stubborn sands and less toys. The more the toys, the more the rinsing off and picking up afterwards. Plus, the sea and sand proved enough fun for C! The ice-cream afterwards was a hit with C, and while half of it ended up on her face and in her hair, I think it was one of the happiest times for her! Heading back home she was quite a sight. Wet, messy hair, sand everywhere and her face, hair and hands all sticky with melted ice-cream. But her giggles and smiles more than made up for it!

Things were pretty laid back this weekend, so much so that I was not even bothered with taking a single photo. But every scene is clearly stored in my head. The simplest things are sometimes the best.


3 thoughts on “A Special One

  1. Amen to that! And Stephanie, thanks for the tip! Jo, I’m about to start pestering you again for play dates. I gave you the weekend off but it’s back to business now. 😛

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